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Network security key terms

Select ten key terms from chapter 6, ten key terms from chapter 7, ten key terms from chapter 8 and ten key terms from chapter 9 and type the definitions of each. Upload into canvas.chapter 6:Digital certificate• Dual control• End-entity certificateHardware securitymodule (HSM)• Hierarchical trust model• Hybrid trust model• Key archivingKey escrow• Key recovery• Local registrationauthority (LRA)chapter 7CertificateCertificate Authority(CA)Certificate RevocationList (CRL)Internet SecurityAssociation and KeyManagement Protocol(ISAKMP)Key Terms• IPsec• Pretty Good Privacy(PGP)• Public key infrastructure(PKI)Secure/MultipurposeInternet Mail Extensions(S/MIME)chapter 8Access tokensAutoplayBiometricsBIOS passwordsBootdisk• Contactless access cardsConvergenceCrossover error rate(CER)• Drive imagingchapter 9Internet ControlMessage Protocol(ICMP)• Internet Protocol (IP)Intranet• Local area network(LANMedia Access Control(MAC) address• Network AddressTranslation (NAT)• Network• Packet• Protocol• Ring topology

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