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Leveraging Technology to Drive Competitive Advantage

Assignment ContentHi folks, we start studying the Reynolds Tool & Die case, so read it carefully.One important distinction as you read the case; an acquisition is different from a joint venture. In the latter, the acquired entity ceases to exit, though the brand may live on. As such, the acquired entity typically falls under the purchaser’s strategy and capital investments are made accordingly. In a joint venture there is no merger or acquisition; neither party is obligated to change anything from a capital investment standpoint.Reynolds has engaged in both JV and acquisition. What are the competitive advantages, and how does IT play a role?For this assignment, you are assuming the role of senior IT manager. Reynolds Tool & Die has decided on a set of competitive advantages it would like to pursue. The company has asked you to provide a 2-page executive summary outlining how you believe the company can leverage IT to achieve as many of these advantages as possible.Carefully read the attachedCourse Scenariofiles

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