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Data Analysis Using JMP

Work on the Case about Baggage Complaints.You may read the pdf file firstly to get an idea about the business scenario, and then start following the data analysis instructions in the file to analyze the dataThis case mostly uses Graph > Graph builder and Analyze > Tabulate to analyze the dataFor example, underneath the Exhibit 1, it has instructions, “(Graph > Graph Builder; drag and drop Baggage in Y, Date in X and Airline in Overlay. Click on the smoother icon at the top to remove the smoother, and click on the line icon. Or, right-click in the graph, and select Smoother >Remove, and Points > Change to > Line. Then, click Done.)”After creating Exhibit 1, on the top left of the graph click the red triangle beside “Graph Builder”; select Save Script> To Data Table, a script will be created in the data tableAfter you have done with most of Exhibits, including Exhibits 1-7 except Exhibit 3, Save the .jmp file (this step is important, otherwise you may lose the work that you’ve done)Following the similar steps for the other two casesFor the case about Contribution, you may create Exhibits 1, 2, 3, and 7For the case about Classification Tree Credit Card Marketing, you may focus on the Exhibits 2 through 12.Next, complete the 4 exercise questions at the end of the business case about Contribution and write the answers in a word file.

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