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Anatomy & physiology lab

Instructions:The student will create a power point presentation of 5 to 10 slides maximum (including cover, introduction and reference slide). The power points should include illustrations, pictures and bullet points. The student will present the power point;the power point will guide the presentation. The student may bring his or her notes. The student will not read from the power point.The student will choose a cell, a tissue or an organ (only one of them); and describe the anatomy and function of the cell, tissue or organ. For example, I am choosing for my project cardiac tissue, I will present the anatomy and physiology of the cardiac tissue.Sample Power PointA&P I Final Project Sample 2019.pptxA&P I Lab Final Project Presentation RubricA&PI Lab Final Project Rubric 2019.docx×Teaching PlanDue: Jan 6 at 11:59pmCalendarAnatomy & Physiology 1DetailsStudents will choose a topic to present in front of the class by the last week of class. Please prepare a 5 to 10 minute PowerPoint presentation for your classmates on your one chosen chapters to be presented at the beginning of class as a Key Points Final Review on January 6th. Submit your presentation no later than 24 hours before you will be presenting the material.Ch 1- Organization of the BodyCh 2- HomeostasisCh 3- Chemistry of LifeCh 4- BiomoleculesCh 5- Cell StructureCh 6- Cell FunctionCh 7- Cell Growth and DevelopmentCh 8- Introduction to TissuesCh 9- Tissue TypesCh 10- SkinCh 11- Skeletal TissuesCh 12- Axial SkeletonCh 13- Appendicular SkeletonCh 14- ArticulationCh 15- Axial MusclesCh 16- Appendicular MusclesCh 17- Muscle ContractionCh 18- Nervous System CellCh 19- Nervous SignalingCh 20- Central Nervous SystemCh 21- Peripheral Nervous SystemCh 22- Autonomic Nervous SystemCh 23- General SensesCh 24- Special Senses

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