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HUM 5100 -1.1

read the following chapters from your textbook, and refer to theResearch Proposal Projectfinal  assignment as a reference in gain an understanding of what research problem might be most appropriate.Chapter 1: The Nature and Tools of ResearchPages 1-9, 19-27Chapter 2: The Problem: The Heart of the Research ProcessChapter 3: Review of the Related LiteratureChapter 4: Planning Your Research ProjectIn addition, watchCreating a Research Question(Links to an external site.)andWhat Is research?(Links to an external site.)Select a human/social service organization, which can be where you are currently employed, or where you would have an interest in gaining future employment. You will use this organization and research problem as the basis of your final Research Proposal Project.Chapters 1 to 4 of the Leedy and Ormrod text will help guide you as decide what the problem is that you would like to propose to evaluate, what literature is going to be most appropriate for this proposal, and how to plan with the proposal. The chapters will guide you on how to construct and write the research proposal. It is important to select your research problem carefully. The following considerations should be addressed in the assignment:How do you know when you have a legitimate research problem?How would you delineate the subparts of the social problem for your research project?How did you make your determinations and what were the details of the determination process?How would you plan for such a research process?How do your tentative research question(s) apply to your final project?two to three double-spaced pages in length

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