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HR business case essay- 5 Pages in length. Follow directions or I will DISPUTE for REFUND

ONLY USE THE REFERENCES I PROVIDE TO YOU!!!PDF TEXTBOOK PROVIDED FOR CITATIONSPage 82: Incident 4.2 “Turnover Problem” (provided in PDF)Answer both questions at the end of Incident Report 4.2Assignment should be answered in No Less Than 5 Pages (does not include Cover and Reference Pages). Every question MUST be fully developed, with supporting research as appropriate. Utilize provided PDF textbook as primary resource of citations.- 12-point type; New Times Roman; Double Spaced; 1” Margins.- APA 7th edition Formatted, including Cover Page and Citations; a Reference page must also be provided.- Check for proper Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling.- HR resources can only be peer reviewed journals (United States sources ONLY)- Total of 6 in-text citations (APA 7th edition). Must use page number in citations- Turn It In report required.

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