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Change Management and the Role of Human Resource Management

Consider the Following Scenario: Leadership has selected you to develop a Q & A Reference Sheet for a human resources department retreat focused on the role of human resources in change management. Your supervisor has given you the topics to cover and asked you to write these in an engaging question-and-answer format.To complete this Assignment, review the learning resources for this week and create a Q & A Reference Sheet that includes questions and answers that cover the following bullets in a 2-3-page document.Identify a recent change in your organization or in an organization with which you are familiar.Briefly describe the role of human resources in the implementation of the change.Explain one change management strategy that was used (or could have been used) and your rationale for why it is important.Explain the HR responsibility for communication and employee support in the change management process.Your Assignment must include 3 references to support your thinking.

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