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TasksStep 1:In the body of your message, post your answers/comments to the following 4 questions.1.  (1 point)  Review the following website that lists all NIH centers, institutes, and offices:https://www.nih.gov/institutes-nih/list-nih-institutes-centers-offices (Links to an external site.).  Given your own chosen research topic being “does obesity cause depression”,  which specific NIH center, institute or office do you think your research will fall under? Why do you think so?2.  (1 point)  Now click on the link to the NIH center/institute/office that you’ve identified in question 1.  Within that website there should a specific link to their grant funding page (it may be called “Funding”, “Grant funding”, “Grants & Funding”, “Research & Funding” — essentially it would most likely have the word “funding” or “grants”). Explore that funding page. In there, find the specific page that providesinformation or announcements on current funding opportunities.Please write the URL to that specific funding opportunity or funding announcement page here: ______________. Feel free to provide any descriptions or your own clarifications on that webpage.3.  (1 point)  For the sample topic that I use, I found this specific funding announcement:https://grants.nih.gov/grants/guide/pa-files/PAR-18-848.html (Links to an external site.). Look over this announcement. If I were to apply for it, how much funding does this particular opportunity provide and for how many years?4.  (1 point)  Overall, what are your impressions about the scope, magnitude, and seriousness of our NIH grant funding system?

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