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MGMT670 week4 discussion

Complete an analysis of the key internal factors that have implications for successful implementation of your organization’s strategy and goals/objectives. Submit your work in your assignment folder in the form of an approximate 2,000-word double-spaced APA-formatted paper. The title page, reference list, and any appendices are not included in this suggested word count. You do not need to include an abstract.Your paper should address these topics:Given the company’s Vision,      Mission and Objectives (VMO), identify the company’s core competencies      and assess which ones are rare, costly, or not easily imitated. Discuss      how they are related to and critical to the VMO execution.Present a      summary of your organization’s strengths and weaknesses. Submit      the SWOT format in Table form and add in some narrative to discuss the      strengths and weaknesses in more detail. Explain      in your discussion (not in the table) why you selected them and how      they relate to the VMO and organization strategy. (Note: You will have      an opportunity to complete a full SWOT analysis, including threats and      opportunities, as part of your week 6 paper.). You might find this      resource helpful:On youtube SWOT Analysis: How to perform one for your organizationhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNXYI10Po6AApply the Resource-Based      View (RBV) to help you identify both the tangible and intangible      assets your organization may be able to use to accomplish its intended      strategies. You can list them in a table form and then follow with a      discussion of the assets, why you selected them and how they relate to the      VMO and strategy.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KN81_oYl1sResource Based View of the Firm by Jay BarneyConsider and      discuss the things that may make your organization’s resources and      capabilities difficult for others to imitate. Use Value Chain      Analysis to help you deepen your understanding of the relative value      of the resources and capabilities you have identified. Seek objective and      independently verifiable evidence of potential rarity of the resources and      capabilities.IMPORTANT: Do not just use someone else’s SWOT or other analysis. We want you to think for yourself. Critically analyze your firm and write about your original conclusions. Imagine you have been asked by the organization’s CEO or top leader to offer an assessment of the organization and how well it is positioned (or not) to deliver on the VMO and strategy. This is a critical element, stand back and offer thoughtful criticism and recommendations.Add in a strong conclusion that ensures the reader leaves your paper with a clear recap of your key points.

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