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The summative assessment will assess not only your knowledge of the topics covered in the course but also your own learning experience developed during the semester. The final task is composed of two parts. Part A is a theoretical reflection and part B an annotated bibliography.Part A: Theoretical reflection – The first part of the assignment will require you to respond to a total oftwo (2) questionsregarding your understanding of the main theories in the field of human resource management as well as your awareness of how they may be applied in practice, including how they shape the development of your own skills. Both answers need to be essays style and no more than 1500 words in total. Each answer will be worth 10 marks, for a total of 20 marks.Part B: Annotated bibliography – The second part of the assignment requires you to cite, read, summarise, and analysetwo(2) articlesaddressing one or more topics done during the semester. Each article will be worth 10 marks, for a total of 20 marks.Assessment Criteria for Assessment Task 3 – Summative Assessment:• Appropriate understanding and effective use of the relevant literature.• In-depth evaluation of your own experience and learning.• Presentation of logical and cohesive discussion that provides evidence of critical and analytical thinking.• Ideas and assertions substantiated through reference to theoretical material and key academic perspectives/views.• Clear and comprehensive written style to convey meaning as well as professional use of RMIT Business referencing (harvard style)

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