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HRMN 408 DQ1

Must post first.Discussion Topic 1 — Equal Opportunity and Interviewing(1) Provide two examples of interview questions that are considered discriminatory and that should not be asked by an employer of a candidate/potential employee during a job interview.  (2) Explain what are the relevant employment laws that prohibit these questions? (3) Describe the rationale behind why these two interview questions should not be asked in an job interview. (4) How should the HR professional handle a situation when a discriminatory question is asked during an interview?Reminder – You must substantively respond to colleagues. Use a minimum of one HR/legal reference. Here are two references to get you started.https://udayton.edu/hr/_resources/documents/staffing/Interview_Questions.pdfhttps://www.eeoc.gov/laws/practices/https://youtu.be/433lJppe7Z0Discussion Topic 2 —  HR Professional Code of EthicsDiscuss what is important to HR professionals as it relates to the SHRM Code of Ethics. What does the concept of professional responsibility mean to you?You must substantively respond to colleagues. Here is one reference to get you started.https://www.shrm.org/about-shrm/pages/code-of-ethics.aspxYou must start a thread before you can read and reply to other threads

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