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DUE Now BUS318 Quiz

Question 11 ptsAccording to Hersey and Blanchard, a telling style of leadership is best for __________.low follower readiness.low to moderate follower readiness.moderate to high follower readiness.high follower readiness.veteran employees who are highly prepared for a particular job.Flag this QuestionQuestion 21 ptsSome work in the United States, Britain, Hong Kong and Japan show that leadership behaviors _________________.are the same in all four countries.are not important.must be carried out in different ways in alternative cultures.must be carried out the same ways in different cultures.change consistently by country.Flag this QuestionQuestion 31 ptsWhich of the following statements about self-rewards is inaccurate?self-rewards, in conjunction with self observation, can be useful in moving behaviors toward goal attainment.self-rewards can be real such as a steak dinner.imagery, such as imaging the receipt of a bonus, is a self-reward.rehearsal of desired behaviors before actual performance can prove quite useful.most people do not like to often reward themselves for their activities.Flag this QuestionQuestion 41 ptsAll of the following are types of position power EXCEPT:reward power.coercive power.legitimate power.statutory power.information power.Flag this QuestionQuestion 51 ptsWhich of the following is NOT one of the four styles of leadership identified by Hersey and Blanchard?delegating.participating.selling.telling.motivating.Flag this QuestionQuestion 61 ptsIn order to increase their centrality and criticality in the organization, managers may seek to acquire a more central role in the workflow by doing all of the following EXCEPT:having information filtered through them.occupying an office convenient to main traffic flows.expanding their network of communication contacts.increasing their political savvy.making at least part of their job responsibilities unique.Flag this QuestionQuestion 71 ptsWhat type of power does a manager exercise when he or she offers pay raises, bonuses, special assignments, or compliments as incentives to subordinates?legitimate power.expert power.coercive power.referent power.reward power.Flag this QuestionQuestion 81 ptsAll of the following are true of the study by Detert and Burris on leadership behaviors EXCEPTPersonalized behavior is not enough to generate employee voice.If leaders are going to overcome employee restraint in speaking up, they must indicate openness to change.Openness behaviors send a clear signal that voice is welcome.Many individuals don’t feel safe speaking up in their organizations.Transformational leader behaviors are enough to signal openness.Flag this QuestionQuestion 91 ptsThe primary disadvantage of grapevines occurs when __________________.provides a sense of security from “being in the know.”provides social satisfaction as information is exchanged interpersonally.helps fulfill the needs of people involved in them.they transmit incorrect or untimely information.they transmit information quickly and efficiently.Flag this QuestionQuestion 101 ptsKey similarities between transformational theories of leadership and ethical theories leadership include all of the following EXCEPT:ethical decision-makingintegrityrole modelingconcern for othersfuture-orientation

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