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“Social Learning: A Call to Action for Learning Professionals”

Locate and read the article “Social Learning: A Call to Action for Learning Professionals” (Allen & Naughton, 2011)a paper that is 600-900 words in length using the headings below (in APA format) to address the following:Social Media as Social Learning: Provide a brief summary of the Allen and Naughton (2011) article (no more than two to three paragraphs).What Will It Mean?: In your opinion, what will the rise of social learning mean for professionals in the field of human resource management (HRM) and human resource development (HRD)?  Be specific.What’s In Use? What type of social media is your present organization using for learning, if any?  How so?  If not, why not and where would be a good place to begin using social media for learning in the organization?Competencies: What competencies will HRM and HRD professionals need to succeed in this new paradigm?  Why?  How can these competencies be obtained?

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