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New Supervisor Training on Performance Evaluations

Now that the position has been created, you’ve taken the opportunity  to create a PowerPoint presentation to train new supervisors on how to  conduct performance evaluations.Whether you use an annual evaluation, real-time feedback, or  quarterly evaluations, it is important that new supervisors understand:the rationale for a performance evaluation in general,the rationale for the specific one in use,the instrument used, and,the process for the evaluation.The PowerPoint presentation should be a minimum of 10 slides with graphics and Notes Pages.NOTE: One of the positions the new supervisors will be  conducting performance evaluations on is the job in your description  from Week 3. Find creative ways to incorporate your work from that  assignment into this one.Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:You must include the Notes Pages. This is where you explain in detail the thoughts you want to convey in each slide, only in more depth.Visually appealing: graphics (required) should  be appropriate for the environment and audience. Text should be visible  from 18 feet away (generally considered 18 pt. font or larger).

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