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Discussion 3: Transient ExuberanceDiscussion 3: Transient Exuberance

Discussion 3: Transient ExuberanceDiscussion 3: Transient ExuberanceThe First Two YearsDiscuss thoroughly the process of transient exuberance and pruning in the infant brain.  What are some factors that would help support transient exuberance?  What might impede it?Why is the pruning event both important and concerning?Explain the difference between experience-expectant brain functions and experience-dependent brain functions.  Give an example of each.To create a post:Write your response (300 words) to the questions above in a Word document. Save and edit your response there (Grammarly can help you with writing style). Then, create a new thread. Put your name in the title of the thread. Then copy and paste your discussion into the body of the discussion post.After you have posted you will be able to view what other students have written. Write a substantial response (100 words) to one other student commenting on what you learned in their post.

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