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Critical Literature Review

Compare and contrast these readings and produce a 1000 word critical reflection on the four articles about what ethical decision making is, and the factors that influence ethical decision making in organisations.In this critical reflection you should provide a reasoned explanation for choosing the perspective(s) that you believe best explain ethical decision making in organisations.Below is the structure of the essayShort IntroductionOverview of articles (100~150 words)Body (700~800 words)Read all the articles and summarize them attempting to overview and capture their major arguments – what do these authors propose?Make sure you conclude by answering the question – which of the articles you believe best explains the decision making process and tell the reader why.Comparison and contrast about “what ethical decision making is, and the factors that influence ethical decision making in organisations”.Responds originally, clearly and directly to the question with good evidence (high quality) of original insight.Evidence/reference to academic journals/articles only.Material deployed in a disciplined way and demonstrates a sophisticated comprehension of key issues of debate.Critically review, analyse, synthesise and apply theoretical and technical body knowledge in a broad and creative way to a range of areas and diverse contexts.ConclusionConclude by choosing the perspective (article) that best explains ethical decision making in organisations.ReferencingFollow harvard referencing style – refer to document provided

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