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Topic: Drug Abuse Disorder1. Description of the General Topic (Drug of Abuse, Evidence-Based Treatment, ASAM Levels of Care, Ethical Dilemma, Special Populations, etc.)2. History of Topic 1. Etiology, timelines or progression of addressing specific drug use2. cultural/societal shifts in attitude or interventions of drug trends/use3. Development of Clinical Programs / ASAM Development and Overview. Parameters around screening, evaluation, or assessment of issue.1. Outcome Measures, Assessment Tools/Instruments for Specific Topic2. Evaluation and Assessment of Specialty Populations/Cultures/Demographics3. Evaluation, Placement, and Transition Planning in ASAM Levels of Care4. Special considerations around the treatment of the issue.1. Local, national, global perspectives and approaches (harm reduction, policy, etc.)2. Ethical considerations or, social work values3. Special interventions, staffing, or service delivery in ASAM Level of Care5. Outcomes and Data to Support or Dismiss (Literature Review)1. Incidences of use, relapse, success (across populations, drugs, geo-areas, etc.)2. Treatment outcomes (extraneous variables, reliability/validity, effective vs. non-effective)3. Limitations and/or strengths of data collection or ASAM Level of Care Paper RequirementsDue:1) Research paper should reflect graduate level writing and meet APA Formatting.2) Research paper should cover all applicable areas outlined above in outline.3) Research paper should include ten (10) peer-reviewed articles in bibliography that were written from 2010 and newer (older resources may be available with request).4) Research paper should be no less than 10 pages and no more than 20 pages (excluding cover pages and bibliography), written in 12pt font, Times New Roman, double-spaced.

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