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Child life theory and practice

Forum 7: Interactions with Diverse PopulationsMrs. Rodriguez brings Sophia, her 3-year-old, into the emergency department. Mrs. Rodriguez has been in the United States from Mexico for only 1 year and brings Sophia to the ER often with questions. This visit, Mrs. Rodriguez mentions to you that Sophia has been resistant to go to bed and often wakes crying and fearful. Mrs. Rodriquez thinks an evil spirit may be the cause of Sophia’s crying. As a CCLS, you know that fears are common in preschool-age children. What recommendations would you have regarding home care for Sophia’s fears, and how would you respond to Mrs. Rodriguez’s concern of the evil spirit?400 Level Forum Grading RubricPossible pointsStudent pointsMet initial post deadline (Wednesday)10Initial post is substantive10Initial post is at least 400 words10Initial post employs at least two citations; one can be text; other must be from an academic source10

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