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improving the healthcare outcomes for children and adults living with obesity (population at risk) in Wayne County, Michiga

As you build your project/presentation, be sure to provide the evidence/research in the literature that supports your evidence based PRIMARY LEVEL OF PREVENTION intervention. Provide the citation on the slide of your interventions that demonstrates the evidence. For example, education is not a solution unless you have research evidence that demonstrates that it solves your identified problem.  I look forward to all the great ideas you each have for solutions to your topics.Tips for creating the powerpoint:1.  Bullet points only, no complete sentences2.  Do not use first person or vague pronouns3.  Goals need to be outcomes focused on a pre/post measure of change related to your interventions4.  Use pictures on the slidesYou all have clearly discussed interventions at the community and system levels. How does this presentation on the web of causation help to expand on the complexity of your population?THIS IS VERY IMPORTANTAnswer the following questions as you develop your evidence-based, culturally appropriate intervention for your community:What health issue, problem, or disparity in health outcomes is of concern to you as a scholar practitioner in your community? What gaps in knowledge and care do you see as possible causes for the health issue? What does the health data tell you about the health issue? What does the literature tell you about the health issue? How can you learn about the health issue and about possible solutions from the viewpoint of families, community as a whole, and health professionals in your community? What evidence is there to support your proposal? What is one avenue you could advocate for improved health outcomes and know when a change has taken place?Suggestions for the ProjectEach week’s activities are geared to help you move along with your proposal. Use this time well and utilize some aspect of discussion and assignments in this course (e.g. windshield survey) to support your proposal as well. Read about the whole project before you start.Week 1: Identification of a Population in Your CommunityWeek 2: Practicum: Epidemiology: Define Your Population and Selected ProblemWeek 3: Practicum: Population Cultural Considerations and Genetic PredispositionWeek 4: Evidence-Based Practice and Evaluation of the Project Through Measureable Goals

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