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Respond to the followingWisconsin Association of Nurse Practitioner’s (WANP) is a non-profit organization that provides support for NPs in the state of WI. This organization advocates for the role of the NP increasing awareness and educating stakeholders about the importance the NP holds and shapes how the quality of healthcare is delivered. WANP encourages leadership helping NPs to influence policy decision to improve quality in healthcare practice. WANP is a professional network for WI NPs to join forces with other WI NP’s that share the same passion allowing them to be able to exchange thoughts, questions, or any challenges they may have. The WANP allows the NP to stay up to date on WI NP legislation and any new developments.The APRN Modernization Act is a legislative proposal in the state of WI that would modernize Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) and bring nursing statues closer in line with the consensus model. This legislation would modernize outdated language to reflect current APRN practice and responsibilities and eliminate unnecessary barriers that have proven to provide no value to the delivery and safety of APRN care and services (WNA, 2021). It would also set a high standard of safety in caring for our patients (WNA, 2021). The APRN Modernization Act Legislative Bills, SB 394, and AB 396, are scheduled for Public Hearing on 7/28/21 and 7/29/21 (WNA, 2021).Twenty-Three states have already recognized the practice and separate licensure of APRNs including full practice authority. In WI access to care continues to be problematic and nurse practitioners are not allowed to practice to the full extent of their education, training, and experience. It is crucial for WI to adopt this legislation that recognizes APRN practice.Respond 2The Florida Association of Nurse Practitioners (FLANP) are a group of Nurse Practitioners and health care advocates who are working towards improving access to health care for the people of Florida (Florida Association of Nurse Practitioners, n.d.). Their vision statement is on advocating for patient centered care and removing barriers affecting NPs in practice so that Floridians have access to quality health care services (Florida Association of Nurse Practitioners, n.d.). One of the issues listed on the FLANP website is the shortage of primary care physicians in the state of Florida and having nurse practitioners in practice can be a solution to this growing problem (Florida Association of Nurse Practitioners, n.d.). The shortage of PCPs in the state of Florida has increased with the aging baby boomer population that has led in a decrease in access to quality healthcare, rising healthcare costs, and a decrease in the quality of life for this age group (Florida Nurse Practitioners: The Fight for Full Practice Authority, 2021). The American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) is making it a priority to grant access to the rights of our patients to choose Nurse Practitioners as their health care provider and it be covered under their insurance plans (2021 State Policy Priorities, 2021).In the state of Florida if these issues are resolved and NPs are granted full access in a primary care setting this will be beneficial for our patients. The state of Florida has had an influx of families and individuals moving to this state and there are not enough primary care physicians available to treat them. Giving Nurse Practitioner’s full access of being chosen as their healthcare provider and covered under their insurance plans will help out tremendously. If these issues are resolved this will help me and other new NP with job placement and being able to care for our patients as a primary care practitioner. Another issue they are working on is the ability to sign death certificates, Baker Act forms, certify DNR orders, and ability to sign all documents related to patient care (Florida Association of Nurse Practitioners, n.d.). The state of Florida did put into effect the Autonomous Practice Law on 07/01/2020 for APRN’s with application approval.

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