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Annotated Bibliography and Professional Practice Model Assignment – APA FORMAT , ZERO PLAGIARISM

(A)Annotated Bibliography PaperDescriptionChoose one of the following articles and submit an annotated bibliography.Farren, A. (2015). Leininger’s ethnonursing research methodology and studies of cancer survivors: A review. Journal of Transcultural Nursing, 26(4), 418-427.Chiatti, B.D. (2018) Culture care beliefs and practices of Ethiopian immigrants. Journal of Transcultural Nursing, 30(4), 340-49.Valek, R., Greenwald, B. & Lewis, C.(2015). Psychological factors associated wtih weight loss maintenance: Theory-driven practice for nurse practitioners. Nursing Science Quarterly,28(2), 129-135.Borhani, M., Sadeghi, R., Shojaeizadeh, D. Harandi, T. &Vakili, M. (2017). Teenage girls experience of the determinants of physical activity promotion: A theory-based qualitative content analysis. Electronic Physician,9(8), 5075-5082.What is an annotated bibliography?An annotation is a summary and/or evaluation. An annotated bibliography includes the bibliographic citation and a summary and/or evaluation of each of the sources. For this assignment you are asked to provide both a summative and evaluative paragraph.Guidelines for this assignment:Select one article from those provided.You will then write two paragraphs. You will select 1 article (there are four articles to choose from) related to patient safety.For the annotated bibliography. The first paragraph is a brief synopsis of what the article was about. In the second paragraph you will evaluate the article. Refer to the Resource Tab for the Annotated Bib Guidelines and Rubric.See below attached document for Annotated Bibliography for rubric and sample. Please follow the rubric and sample.(B)Professional Practice ModelMany health care systems use a Professional Practice Model (PPM) rather than or in addition to a nursing theoretical framework to provide a foundation that exemplifies nursing practice in that facility. The PPM provides clarity for decision making, for directing change, and for sustaining authentic relationships between disciplines and with patients and families. The PPM provides focus for evaluation of structures, processes, and outcomes. It can be instrumental in generating new ideas and approaches. Effective use of a PPM helps nurses establish professional identity and results in higher job satisfaction. Effective PPMs have also been linked to excellence in nursing practice, which results in improved outcomes for patients and families.Purpose:  The purpose of this assignment is to identify a PPM that is used by a specific healthcare system and describe its components and how they affect the nursing profession and patient care.Instructions:· Research and choose a health care system that uses a professional practice model that describes the environment for professional nursing practice.· Prepare and present write-ups that:· Describe the healthcare system (number of facilities, location, patient beds, specialty [if any]).· Provide a general overview of the PPM adopted or developed by the healthcare system (some systems use an already developed PPM, and others create their own PPM to meet their individualized needs).· Describe the components of the PPMFor example—professional values, leadership and governance structures, professional relationships and development of nurses.Present a short critique of the PPM.  Things to consider:Does it clearly provide a framework for nursing practice?Does it clearly provide a basis for delivery of holistic patient care?Does the PPM promote decision-making and changes that involve the patient, family and interdisciplinary health care team?See document attached below for PPM.

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