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Using Medical Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms on the Job

Using Medical Terms, Abbreviations and Acronyms on the JobAs we have determined, there are many terms, abbreviations, and acronyms that health care professionals need to know and understand as part of their job responsibilities. It is important for you to familiar yourself with the most common terms that a medical coder and billing specialist would be exposed to.Explore common medical abbreviations and acronyms used by coders and billers as it relates to insurance and reimbursement.Include the following aspects in the assignment:Ø  Using Chapter 20 of 3-2-1 Code It, determine which application and layout will work best to create your resource. This may be a Word document using a chart or table, an Excel sheet, Power Point slide or other application of your choice. (To access Chapter 20 of your textbook, select the “>eBook: 3-2-1 Code it!” link in the left-hand navigation menu and use the Table of Contents.)Ø  Select ten insurance and reimbursement abbreviations or acronyms that you feel you should be familiar withØ  Define each of your selections in your own wordsØ  Explain why you would need to know this informationØ  Discuss two strategies that you could use to help you increase your understanding and “library” of terms

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