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week 8 disc 2

Regardless of your title or actual position, you’re always a leader in some way, and your decisions and actions will have an effect on other nurses, patients, family members, and visitors. Consider this statement as you respond to at least 2 of the following:In the positive outcome, how did Dena’s extra responsibilities reward her emotionally and professionally? What might she have sacrificed?What kinds of decisions led to a positive outcome? What kinds of decisions led to a negative outcome?How might previous reprimands affect Dena’s willingness to speak up? How much can leadership impact positive outcomes?How did Dena need to change her approach with each of the different colleagues and situations? Have you made adjustments in your approach to achieve positive results at work?How does the disposition of the physician affect a nurse’s ability to speak up? What would you do if the response was not as gracious as Dr. Green’s?How much of your job involves customer service? Is that stressful?What creative strategies do you use in dealing with difficult situations? Can you share an example?

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