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Health Assessment and Communication

Conduct a health assessment of a population of your choice. Explain the process and summarize the results.Effective communication is one of the most critical skills a health care  provider can master. Nurses communicate to a variety of individuals  with a range of educational levels who come from diverse settings.Conduct a health assessment of a population of your choice as you complete the following:Describe the key elements that make up a health assessment at each of the following levels:Community.Group.Individual.Explain the process for completing a comprehensive health assessment.Summarize the findings of the health assessment you conducted. Be  sure you include a brief description of the population you selected.Additional RequirementsFormat: Include a title page and reference. Use APA style and formatting.Length: This assessment should be approximately 3–5 pages in length.References: Cite at least three current scholarly or professional resources.Font: Use double-spaced, 12-point, Times New Roman font.

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