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ndnqi quality improvement analysis

THIS IS NOT DOCTORATE..PLEASE MAKE IT UNDERSTANDABLE! ;)I ATTACHED ALL REFERENCES FOR THIS MODULE. IF USING OTHER REFERENCES PLEASE LAST 5 YEARS.-Draft a 3- to 4 page paper analyzing areas where there is 1.) good performance and 2) areas of opportunity from the sample Dashboard (ATTACHED).Analyze the data provided in the Dashboard(ATTACHED)  and select an area of performance that needs improvement (YOU CHOOSE 1 AREA NEEDING IMPROVEMENT). Include information on why this area was chosen.Develop a nursing plan that includes suggestions on how to improve performance on the selected indicator. Be sure to provide at least three (3) best practices from the evidenced-based literature to support your suggested nursing plan.I ATTACHED THE SAMPLE DASHBOARD AND REFERENCES FOR THIS WEEK. YOU CAN USE OTHERS IF YOU WANT BUT MUST BE WITHIN LAST 5 YEARS

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