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I. PurposeThe purpose of this assignment is to explore the culture and climate of the healthcare organization and its impact on providing a healthy, safe, and person-centered care and work environment. (CO 1,3,6)III. RequirementsDescription of the AssignmentThis assignment provides an opportunity for the student toAssess organizational culture and climate within a healthcare organization known to the studentAnalyze the organizational culture and climate for its strengths and opportunities for improvementDetermine the organization’s capacity to provide a healthy, safe, person-centered environment for staff and patients based on it culture and climateReflect on the “fit” of personal leadership profile with the organization’s culture and climateIV. Preparing the AssignmentRequirements:Address all components of the Organizational Culture and Climate Assessment and Analysis Paper as outlined under “Assignment Directions and Criteria”.The paper is graded on quality and completeness of information, depth of thought, organization following outline provided, substantive narrative, use of citations, use of standard English, and writing conventions.Format:American Psychological Association. (2010). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (current ed.). Washington, DC: Author. Is the source used for this paperRequired elementsTitle page, reference pagePage numbers, running head, doubles-spaced, times new roman, 12pt font, 1″ margins, level 1 headingsPaper length: 6 maximum, excluding reference page, title page, and assessment toolScholarly sources: Minimum of four (4) scholarly resources no older than 5 yearsProof-readingUse spell check and grammar check and correct all errorsCompare final draft to detailed outline directions to ensure all required elements includedSubmitting the paperSubmit to Week 5 Assignment portal by Sunday, 11:59 p.m. MTMust achieve TII score < 24% to be gradedFinal submission only will be gradedDIRECTIONS AND ASSIGNMENT CRITERIAThis assignment has two steps and requires that you do an actual assessment and analysis of the healthcare organization within which you work.Step 1: The Assessment ToolComplete theOrganizational Culture and Climate Assessment Tool (Links to an external site.). The tool is your data collection tool, or "notes-taking" pages you will need to complete before doing the analysis. You may already know some of the information, but some may require communication with key people in the organization, for example, human resources, financial officers, or nurse executives. Submitting the completed tool with your final paper submission is required. It is not included in your page count. You receive credit for completing and submitting it the items in the following outline.Step 2: The AnalysisAnalyze the findings from your assessment following the outline below. (See the rubric for specific criteria within each section)Support your analysis and conclusions with specific evidence from your assessment and scholarly sources. The paper will contain the following components with headings as required. (Remember, no heading is used for the introduction section)IntroductionStated purposeDefinition of organizational culture vs climateBroad overview of components of the paperOrganizational culture and climate analysisSummary of assessment findingsMission, vision, and goals reflected in culture and climateStrengths and Opportunities for improvementClimate reflective of cultureHealthy, safe, person-centered care environment capacityDescribe the organizational culture's capacity to supportWhat would a visiting potential staff recruit experience about the institution's culture that would attract them to work there?Nurse leader's role in setting the organizational culture and climate to promote a healthy work environment?ImplicationsTwo strategies to address the opportunities for improvementAlignment of Personal Leadership Profile and Organizational Culture and ClimateConclusionBroadly address the what has been accomplished in the paper

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