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Gluten free

The Gluten-Free Hype” is starting to grow and becoming more popular for those who do not have celiac disease.  People with celiac disease, gluten triggers an abnormal immune response that inflames the small intestine and erodes the intestinal villi, severely limiting nutrient absorption.  These individuals have no choice rather than being gluten-free.  But the media and diet sellers, are trying to sell the gluten-free way of living to individuals who do not suffer from this disease when no evidence supports that gluten-free diets can help spur weight loss. For this assignment, please write a 1 page abstract expanding on your thoughts of this article.  Below are few ideas to help expand your abstract.- How much did you actually know about the “Gluten-Free Hype” before reading chapter 6 and this article?- How are media outlets spreading this misleading information?- If you have celiac disease or know of someone who does, how does going gluten-free affect their lives?*Please write your abstract as a double-spaced, 12 point, Time New Roman word document.Please read the article below from Harvard Health on the Gluten-Free diet.

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