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Getting StartedIn NUR-415, you learned that strategic planning is a systematic process, by which opportunities for change are identified and appropriate procedures to actualize those changes are designed, implemented, and evaluated.  In today’s turbulent and complex healthcare environment, strategic planning is a vital and fundamental tool for the achievement of an organization’s goals and desired outcomes.  Strategic planning and effective project management guide the operational activities of an organization and result in strong and efficient use of resources.In this analytical exercise, you will develop a problem statement, carefully constructing it so that it accurately states the problem your planned change project will address.  Aspects of this exercise include exploring potential outcomes you wish to accomplish through the planned change and the feasibility of the planned change.  In Discussion 1.4, you will develop the background of the problem incorporating support of the planned change with current scholarly literature, the project outcome, the activities and timeline, and the evaluation plan.  This exercise will assist you in refining information about your capstone project that you will post in Discussion 1.4.Upon successful completion of the course material, you will be able to:Identify a specific problem or need in a healthcare setting.Analyze the feasibility of a proposed planned change project.ResourcesTextbook: Leading and Managing in NursingTextbook: Fundamentals of Project ManagementFile: Capstone Project Overview.pptxFile: How To Write a Problem Statement.pptxBackground InformationDeveloping a planned change project is an ongoing process, which first requires an accurate internal and external assessment of the situation that needs the change.  The background of the situation for desired change is thoroughly explored and the need for the change supported by evidence-based literature.  A problem statement and realistic desired outcomes flow from the assessment.  It is important to avoid confusing the identified problem with the symptoms of the need.  The astute project manager remembers that the manner in which a problem is defined, guides the development of the strategies for resolution.  In an effective change project, the planned change is feasible.  To determine feasibility, the project manager analyzes all factors, weighing strengths and barriers.  If the weight of the barriers outweighs the strength of the change facilitating factors, the feasibility of the project must be reconsidered.InstructionsReview the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.Review Chapters 18 and 30 in the textbook, Leading and Managing in Nursing.Read Chapters 1 to 5 in the textbook, Fundamentals of Project Management.Download and view the Capstone Project Overview.pptx and How To Write a Problem Statement.pptx PowerPoint presentations.Review your Strategic Plan assignment from the NUR-415 course, or if necessary address another change initiative for your capstone project, critically consider and select a topic.  Your project must be patient-focused and include a goal to improve patient outcomes.  Your assessment of the problem and feasibility of a solution must include direct input from patients or recipients of care (survey results, comments, interviews, patient data, etc).  Review Chapter 22 in the textbook, Leading and Managing in Nursing regarding patient-centered care.Navigate to the threaded discussion and post your discussion response according to the following instructions.Utilizing the topic from your NUR-415 strategic plan or another change initiative you selected that meets the criteria listed above, include the following headings to compose your discussion:Definition of the Problem: Present a detailed description of the elements of the problem.Development of Solution Options: Identify the desired future state/conditions that would ideally solve the problem.  Include the actions that would be required to achieve the desired change.Feasibility of Planned Change: Evaluate the feasibility of your planned change by addressing physical resources, time resources, financial resources, and stakeholder involvement.  Refer to Figure 1.4 on p. 15 in the textbook, Fundamentals of Project Management (Heagney, 2016) and address the questions listed under “Plan the Project.”Problem Statement: In two to three concise sentences, list the problem statement you have developed from this analytical exercise.Post your discussion by the third day of the workshop for faculty review and approval.  Be sure to await feedback and approval from your instructor regarding your capstone project; modify your plan as recommended by your instructor before proceeding to Discussion 1.4.Review your classmate’s postings. No further discussion or interaction with peers is required in this forum.

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