Understanding Needed Organizational Change

Your Mastering the Challenges of Leading Change text suggests three simple questions can help leaders understand the needed change in organizations. Those are:What are the top three things we do well?What are the top three things we do badly?What are the top three things we need to do to fix them?For this discussion, use your own organization or one with which you are familiar to answer these three questions. Also pose the same questions to three other people within the organization to elicit their thoughts. Using your answers and the responses you collect, respond to the following:Explain the current state of the organization using one of the five models (Congruence, Dynamics, Competing Values, Organizational Growth, and Complexity) as described in Chapter 3 of your text. For example, you might use Quinn’s Competing Values Model to explain that the organization is too focused on external adaptation. Select one of the models to make sense of the organizational status quo.Identify at least three priorities for change based on your analysis.

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