Socially Responsible Resource Management

Project Resource Management and Project Procurement Management are the two knowledge areas in the PMBOK (PMBOK® Guide) that provide standards for managing the human and non-human resources for a project. Procurement has been widely researched and written about in the context of CSR, specifically as it relates to sustainable and responsible sourcing. The topic of human resource management as a strategy for social responsibility in business is emerging as more organizations appreciate the value of human capital as a business resource. The PMBOK (PMBOK® Guide) is not explicit on how to incorporate sustainability and social responsibility principles into resource management for projects. Project managers must rely on organizational process assets that provide guidance in these areas.

For this Discussion, use the Walden Library and/or search the Web to find an organization that has a stated policy/approach for CSR.

1- In what ways is ethical human resource management included in the policy or approach?

2- In what ways is sustainable and responsible sourcing included in the policy or approach?

3- What guidance is provided for managing project resources?

4- What evidence is there that the organization has realized benefits (e.g., increased profitability) as a result of its CRS initiatives?

@@ Please Read the Attached Subjects Before Start Answering the Questions.

Required Reading :

Project Management Institute. (2017). A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide). Sixth edition. Newtown Square, PA: Author.

Chapter 6, “Project Schedule Management”

Section 6.2, “Define Activities” (pp. 173–182)

Section 6.3, “Sequence Activities” (pp. 183–186)

Section 6.4, “Estimate Activity Durations” (pp. 187–194)

Section 6.5, “Develop Schedule” (pp. 205–221)

These sections of the PMBOK (PMBOK® Guide) describe the process and steps for developing a project schedule.

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