Risk management


Answer Implying 


Answer Implying 

Not Guilty



Could other DLP traders have manipulated GEDS’s transaction systems like Kerviel did?

No, the methods employed by Kerviel were so   intricate that no one else could have replicated them.

Yes, Kerviel did not have to customize the systems   in any way in order to conceal his unauthorized and fictitious trades.


Had there   been any previous instances or notifications of deficiencies in DLP’s   controls?


Was   Société Générale prudent in assigning sole responsibility for market risk   oversight to trading management?


Did GEDS make effective use of market risk   management?


Why did financial reporting catch the fraud,   not trading management, operations, or risk management?

In this assignment, you must answer the “Answer Implying Guilty,” and the “Answer Implying Not Guilty” questions. Both responses must start by stating either “Yes” or “No” for each charge and a brief summary that explains why. One example of the first question was provided. IMPORTANT: ALL IMPLYING GUILTY ANSWERS ARE NOT ALWAYS “NO” RESPONSES AND ALL IMPLYING NOT GUILTY  ANSWERS ARE NOT ALWAYS ‘YES’ RESPONSES.


Was Société Générale so focused on   achieving growth on many fronts that it neglected to invest in sufficiently   robust systems and internal controls?

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