Research Paper



Students may choose from the following or submit an alternative to me. Choices include:

  • The Endangered Species Act
  • The Voting Rights Act
  • The Fair Housing Act
  • The Americans with Disabilities Act
  • The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act

In 5-6 pages, you will examine a federal policy issue more closely. In essence, this is a case study.

Your research paper should include:

  1. An opening paragraph, outlining the scope and purpose of your paper.
  2. For the next section, please evaluate and explain the purpose of the legislation you chose for the case study. Why was the legislation passed? 
  3. Look at what Congress has and is doing in regard to this legislation. How is the Executive Branch (ie, the bureaucracy) implementing it? Have there been any Supreme Court cases addressing this legislation? When researching, be sure to critically assess patterns and relations of power.  
  4. In the final critical analysis section, discuss how interest groups and individuals participate in the legislative process (This is sometimes referred to as civic engagement)? Please provide specific examples.  
  5. Finally, provide a conclusion summarizing your findings.
  • This paper should be written as a research paper in APA format.
  • In-Text citation and a bibliography are required.
  • Five sources are required and APA formatting is required.
  • No Wikipedia,,, online encyclopedias, etc. are allowed. 
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