Module 05 Assignment – Designing a Care Map

my last name starts with the letter “O” apparently u gonna chose fro j-r section thanksModule 05 ContentFor this assignment you will pick a musculoskeletal disorder according to last names:Last names A-I can choose 1 from the following topics:OsteoporosisPlantar FasciitisCarpal Tunnel SyndromeLast names J-R can choose 1 from the following topics:OsteomyelitisPaget’s DiseaseTendinitisLast names S-Z can choose 1 from the following topics:ScoliosisFibromyalgiaOsteogenesis ImperfectaLink to Nursing Diagnosis books here: on Diagnosis Manuals tabClick here to open a word document with the assignment instructions and rubric:NUR2356_Module 05 Assignment_1220.docxHere is an example of Rheumatoid Arthritis for you to look at:Please make sure you are citing where appropriateNUR2356_Module 05 Assignment_RA example.docx

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