MHA500 module 1 slp

Module 1 – SLPU.S. Health Care Delivery SystemsThe U.S. health care system is unique in comparison to health care  systems in other industrialized countries. According to the Commonwealth  Fund Analysis (2017), the U.S. ranks 11 in overall ranking of health  care system performance rankings.(Image: Common Wealth Fund, Retrieved from and select 5 of the following countries to research:AustriaCanada — XFrance  — X i wantGermany –XNetherlandsNew ZealandNorway– XSweden —XSwitzerlandUnited KingdomIn a 13- to 15-slide PowerPoint (PPT) presentation:Compare and contrast the selected country’s health care delivery systems to the U.S.Based on your research, provide 2-3 recommendations the U.S. should adopt to improve health care delivery.Speaker’s notes are required for each slide. Much of the information  presented on the slides should be concise and explained in detail  through your speaker notes.SLP Assignment ExpectationsConduct additional research to gather sufficient information to support your design of your PPT.Limit your total PPT to a maximum of 15 slides, not including your title or reference slide.Support your report with peer-reviewed articles, with at least 3  references. Use the following link for additional information on how to  recognize peer-reviewed journals. Angelo State University Library (n.d.)  Library guide: How to recognize peer reviewed (refereed journals).  Retrieved from: may use the following source to assist in formatting your  assignment. Purdue Online Writing Lab. (n.d.). General APA guidelines.  Retrieved from: additional information on reliability of sources review the  following source. Georgetown University Library (n.d.) Evaluating  internet resources. Retrieved from

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