ASSIGNMENT:DUE: Midway through onsite experienceI DID AN INTERNSHIP BUT I NEVER GOT THE CHANCE TO DO A JOB ANALYSIS ON AN EMPLOYEE. I NEED HELP ON MAKING A FAKE ONE. I ATTACHED THE ACTUAL EXISTING JOB DESCRIPTION ALREADY. IT CANNOT BE THE SAME AS THE DOCUMENT I ATTACHED. YOU DO NOT NEED TO PUT NAMES, I WILL ADD THAT IN AT THE END. THE JOB TITLE: “MEDICAL RECORDS CLERK”Have the site supervisor assign a position for which you will perform a job analysis by interviewing the appropriate personnel and writing a performance-based job description.(This means it must include measurable criteria against which the employee would be compared to for his/her performance appraisal).This assignment must also be completedwithoutreferencing any existing job description for the assigned position.Upon completion, request a copy of the existing job description

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