KSA assignment

This is a KSA assignment (knowledge Skills and Abilities)

You have to answer each question with your skills from the jobs you had in the past to your present job

Qualifications/Requirements 1. Knowledge of mail volume and manpower reporting procedures. 2. Knowledge of daily recording and reporting procedures related to time and attendance, cash receipts, disbursements, and permit accounts. 3. Knowledge of purchasing policies and procedures. 4. Ability to prepare, submit, monitor, and evaluate an operating budget. 5. Ability to evaluate operational performance data and make recommendations to improve performance and efficiency. 6. Ability to administer the vacancy announcement program and interview, screen, and recommend applicants for employment. 7. Ability to administer personnel programs and services, including those related to compensation, benefits, performance evaluation, and equal employment opportunity. 8. Ability to coordinate and oversee the work of others to achieve organizational objectives, including planning and organizing the work, monitoring performance, and providing technical guidance.

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