Journal Entry

In the box below, write about the most challenging course you are taking this semester. Using what you have learned in our course about how you prefer to learn, explain why the course may be difficult for you: Consider the subject matter, the teaching methods of the instructor, the textbook, and any other factors that may contribute to making this course difficult for someone with your preferred ways of learning. (If you are not taking a challenging course this semester, write about the most challenging course you have taken at any time in your education.)

Then, using what you now know about the way you prefer to learn, write about choices you can make that will help you learn this challenging subject more easily.

By choosing different ways of learning in a challenging course, you can avoid the excusing, blaming, and complaining of a Victim and apply the solution-oriented approach of a Creator. You can also practice the problem-solving attitude that creates the best tone for a persuasive essay.

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