IHS 3203

1.  What is the principle hazard of having an otherwise productive employee in the group who is constantly critical of organizational policy?2.  Why is it questionable practice to describe individuals by label or type?3.  Provide one example of quid pro quo sexual harassment and one example of hostile environment sexual harassment.4.  What is the principal hazard in a consensual intimate relationship between two employees? Between an employee and supervisor?5.  How will you respond to a supervisor who says “Just hire the first one who walks in. If that doesn’t work out, we can always get another”.6.  Why, in the present day, are you not likely to see people pursuing careers of 30 or more years with the same employer?7.  What would be your response to an attorney representing an employee who demands access to the employee’s personnel file?8.  Why should worker’s compensation records be maintained separate from employee’s personnel files?

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