Healthcare Admin Essay

After viewing the video below and reading the Module 4 Introduction and instructional materials, prepare a document that is a problem-based case study essay, on a particular problem faced in your own work experience (or other appropriate source) and how it should be addressed based on the skills, knowledge and problem solving ability that you now have after studying Organizational Leadership.

“A” work will have the following elements:Robust understanding of reflective frameworks;Logical application of model to good decision-making and problem resolution.  Insightfully relates reflective theories to personal development and decision-making with relevant examples.Highly relevant case study selection. Decidedly specific, well-supported.Considerable original thinking.Writing is well-organized, unified; grammatically correct and free of spelling errors.Vividly clear references to relevant sources. Necessary, proper citations.

The essay should be 3 – 5 pages of narrative, professionally written, 1″ margins, double-spaced, 11-12 point font. Add a Reference or Works Cited page (not included as page count).

APA format


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