Final Paper Information Systems

Select a business, an organization, or a department within an organization. Identify the problem and provide solutions and recommendations using what you have learned from this course.

As an alternative, the final project could be a technological innovation that would improve the effectiveness of a business process or enhance the quality of life of an individual.

APA 9 pages Cover page and ref page. 5 sources

This paper will address the loopholes and flaws that are present in the current Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) background check system. There are stories and events throughout our Nation’s recent history that have proven that there is a large disconnect in the process that is being utilized to verify if Citizens are eligible to purchase a firearm under The Federal Laws of the United States of America. This report will outline methods and opportunities to ensure that vital criminal record and convictions data as well as mental-health records are readily available to the FBI within the 3 day investigation period.

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