The AssignmentDocument the following for the family in the video, using the Comprehensive Evaluation Note Template:Note: For any item you are unable to address from the video, explain how you would gather this information and why it is important for diagnosis and treatment planning. THE TEMPLETE BELOWWeek (enter week #): (Enter assignment title)Student NameCollege of Nursing-PMHNP, Walden UniversityNRNP 6635: Psychopathology and Diagnostic ReasoningFaculty NameAssignment Due DateSubjective:CC (chief complaint):HPI:(include psychiatric ROS rule out)Past Psychiatric History:· General Statement:· Caregivers (if applicable):· Hospitalizations:· Medication trials:· Psychotherapy or Previous Psychiatric Diagnosis:Substance Current Use and History:Family Psychiatric/Substance Use History:Psychosocial History:Medical History:· Current Medications:· Allergies:Reproductive Hx:Objective:Diagnostic results:Assessment:Mental Status Examination:Differential Diagnoses:Reflections:Case Formulation and Treatment Plan:References

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