COMM 100 Introduction to Communication Fall, 2019- RIVERA

Communication Scholar Report

75 points
This assignment will be uploaded to turnitin on Cougar Course by 11:59p.m. on the due date.

The purpose of this assignment is to help you get to know the scholars in the discipline of Communication (including Media Studies). In addition, this assignment will help you practice identifying the paradigms used by Communication Scholars. And last, this assignment will help you see that YOU too can become a scholar in Communication!

This assignment helps to meet the following student learning outcomes for this course: 

➢ Analyze forms and contexts of communication from a variety of intellectual perspectives (philosophical, historical, theoretical, and practical). (ANALYSIS).

Dr. Rivera’s Student Learning Outcomes for COMM 100: 

1. Identify, name, and describe key communication concepts and vocabulary appropriately in context through quizzes, exams, and personal reflection writing assignments (KNOWLEDGE EXPANSION)


  • Your essay should be 1-2 pages in length, plus a reference page (3 pages total). Please note: I am not able to grade past the second page of text, due to the large enrollment of the course.
  • Your essay should be in APA format—12 pt. font, double spaced, 1 inch margins
  • Your essay should be edited, without grammatical, spelling, punctuation or other errors.
  • Your essay will be in paragraph format, with in-text citations and a reference page
  • RESEARCH COMMUNICATION SCHOALRS: The first step in this assignment is for you to decide what
    Communication or Media Studies scholar you would like to learn more about. You may chose any Communication or Media Studies scholars you like, EXCEPT your professor for this class, Dr. Kendra Rivera ☺
    o You could do this in a variety of ways, such as:

    • ▪  Look up faculty on the Department of Communication Website
    • ▪  Check out the scholars I highlighted on Class Notes PowerPoint slides for Day 02
    • ▪  Check out the list of Communication & Media Scholars I provided in the Helpful Tools
      section on Cougar Courses
    • ▪  Look up “communication scholars” or “media scholars” on Google☺
  • WRITE A BIOGRAPHY (1 paragraph): Once you decide on your scholar, read about them and write a short biography about them. Your biography should include the following information:

o What degrees they have and where they got them
o Where they are currently a professor or doing research
o What kind of work they are doing (ex. professor, public health advocate, government

researcher, etc.)
o Something else interesting about them


Communication Department Student Learning Objectives for COMM 100 (Mass Media and Communication): 


Scholar Report 1


WRITE ABOUT THEIR RESEARCH (1-2 paragraphs): Write about what kind of research and/or teaching they do. You can find this information either on their biographical page, or by looking at their Curriculum Vita (CV- an academic resume). Be sure to discuss the following:

o What is their research about? Provide an example of at least one article or book they have published, and discuss what it was about (DON’T FORGET TO USE IN-TEXT CITATION, AND INCLUDE THIS REFERENCE ON YOUR REFERENCE PAGE!).

o What are some projects or research they are most recently working on? What’s their primary area of research (relational, organizational, intercultural, media technology, etc.)

o Based on their research and/or biographical information, from what paradigm do you think they conduct research? How do you know? (In other words, define the paradigm and explain how this scholar’s work fits into that paradigm)

o What kind of methods are they using? (In other words, do they conduct experiments, analyze media, conduct content analysis of qualitative interviews, ethnography, rhetorical criticism, etc.)

WRITE ABOUT YOUR IMPRESSION (1 paragraph): Last, tell me a little bit about how you feel about this scholar, their research or teaching or community work, or anything else you find interesting. This paragraph should help answer the question: Why did you select this scholar for your report? For example, your discussion might include the following:


_____/10 _____/20 _____/25


o What do you like or dislike about their scholarship?
o What can you learn from them?
o Would you take a class from them or read their articles? o You might even get the courage to write them an email!

COMM 100 Introduction to Communication Fall, 2018- RIVERA


Format: Meets the writing and formatting guidelines. Is free from grammatical and written errors.
Biography: Clearly reflects students’ research about the scholar, and provides the required information in the assignment prompt.

Research: Discusses the scholar’s research topics, correctly identifies their research and methods, and provides enough detail to demonstrate an understanding of the scholar’s work.
Personal Impression: Reflects the students’ personal opinions about the scholar’s work, explains a variety of ways in which student has considered the scholar’s research and/or teaching and/or community work, and answers why the student selected that scholar for their report.


Scholar Report 2


________/75 Total

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