capstone make up work 1

Please make a summary of the virtual stimulation you experience in the link below. there is no word limit or requirement, please provide references and has to be in apa style. thanksTurbulent Sky: A 360o  Disaster Management Virtual SimulationDescription:  This virtual disaster management community provides scenarios involving client/community/organizational issues focused on the disaster management process. The user experiences various areas within the mock disaster to discover information such as: managing a disaster, understanding the role of health care providers, working with other organizations, and practicing skills.   The use of audio, video, quizzes, interviews and unfolding scenarios will assist the learner to apply disaster management principles to an actual disaster.Suggested Audience:  Healthcare workers, nursing students, practicing nurses, paramedics, etc.Access:  Open Source Learning – no permission required.Link: Resources: Introduction To Virtual Sim – click hereContact: Allyson Cooper ([email protected]) or Kimberley Pinel ([email protected]

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