Brief narrative reflection

750 words

This assignment is a brief narrative reflection that does not require a rough draft or peer review.

Prompt: Explore your television-viewing habits and how the way you have watched TV has changed over time. When and why do you usually watch television? Have you transitioned from watching shows with your family or friends to watching them alone on a computer? Do you watch shows when they are broadcast, or do you watch them via Netflix, Hulu, or DVR on your own time? Do you think of watching television as a social activity? If so, write about how the diverse technical options for watching television have complicated this notion. If not, what place does watching television occupy in your life?

The essay should contain:

An introductory paragraph that includes a thesis statement and three supporting details;

Three corresponding body paragraphs that address the supporting details with specific evidence;

A conclusion paragraph that summarizes the thesis statement and mentions the supporting details, along with a component that wraps up the main theme of the essay.

A works cited section that lists the sources used in the outline, as per 8th edition MLA style (if applicable).

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