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Reflection 3-4 pages.

Reflection, Assignment #2 (10 pts.)Read assigned article “Thinking Skills and Creativity.” “Critical thinking perspectives across contexts and curricula: Dominant, neglected, and complementing dimensions” by Luis Fernando Santos MenesesObjectiveTo relate the material in Chapter 3, “Thinking Critically” and Chapter 4, “Solving Problems” to the thesis of a research article. Your paper will consist of three sections as follows.Introduction Paragraph (2 pts.)Briefly summarize the abstract in five sentences or less.Thinking (6 pts.)From the Introduction paragraph 1. of the article, and Table One, explain the three historical waves of thinking and research on critical thinking.From the Skills Based CT Perspective paragraph 2. of the article, explain the “critical thinking skills-based approach” and its shortcomings.From the Dispositions and Ethical Dimension of CT paragraph 3. of the article, discuss how Paul and Elder describe “fairmindedness.”From the Civic Dimension of CT, paragraph 4. of the article, how is CT involved with “the public good.”From the Cultural implications of CT, paragraph 5. of the article, what does it mean to say that CT should be “culturally embedded.”How is CT in the curriculum related to ethical behavior in communities, societies, cultures, countries, nations.Conclusion Paragraph (2 pts.)Briefly explain why it is important to teach critical thinking.Follow MLA format in writing your paper. Include a reference page and a cover page. Look for ‘MLA style guide’ on the Internet for rules and examples.Your grade will be based on clarity, specificity and how well you establish connections to the text in Chapter Three and Four.Chapter 3 and 4 attached in word document.Page length- 3 to 4 Pages.

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