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Pediatric nursing immunization 800 words due 1/18/2020

Pediatric nursing immunizationRespond to the questions below using the cdc link the attached books and at least three evidence-based articles.https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/hcp/acip-recs/general-recs/administration.html1. in 200 words. Which vaccines protect against Meningitis (you need to look at your PowerPoint and read about the vaccines in your book to properly answer this). What is the benefits of taking this vaccine? Who should receive this vaccine and at what age are they typically give? What is the route of administration?2. In 200 words. Why would you wait to vaccinate a child who is immunosuppressed or acutely ill? (this is not a little runny nose and low-grade temp). What happens if you do not wait to administer the vaccine to a client that is immunosuppressed? Review one evidence-based practice article that speaks on this topic.3. In 200 words. Name at least three vaccines that are given Subcutaneous? What is rationale for given vaccination subcutaneous vs IM? What happens if you give a vaccine by the incorrect route of administration (example subcutaneous vs IM) what impact does it have on the efficacy and absorption? What are the benefits of giving a vaccine subcutaneous and intramuscularly?4. In 200 words. name at least 4 allergies that a patient have that would be contraindicated to give a vaccine? What reaction would the client have if the medication was given, provide data on the frequency of this occurrence.  Review one evidence-based practice article that speaks on this topic.

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