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Mental Health Nursing

Remember your project should include the following:A “criminal minds” individual will be your “patient” from the list below for your project.A brief history of the patient including diagnoses (documented or your thoughts if no diagnosis is recorded) and medications (if applicable). Not a lot of gory details about their crimes.Any substance abuse, addiction, or violence issues surrounding this mental health problem.List appropriate nursing interventions for your chosen patient. Include sources for evidence-based practice. What might have made the difference between functional mental illness to the progression to criminal behavior?Include 3 relevant Nursing Diagnoses for your patient.The paper should use APA formatting and be at least 3 pages in length.Richard SpeckAileen WournosJeffrey DahmerJohn Wayne GaceyH. H. HolmesTed BundyJim JonesCharles CullenEarl NelsonCharles MansonGenene JonesRichart T. ChaseEd GiehnBTK Dennis RaderR. KuklinskiDC SniperBob YatesAlbert FishGrim SleeperSon of SamColumbine KillersUnabomberHarpe BrothersMenendez BrosMichael SwangoKristen GilbertHenry Lee LucasOttis TooleGary HeidnikEdmund KemperValerie SolanasMark ChapmanRodney AlcalaCharles SobhrajJohn Wayne WilsonCraig List KillersNannie DossJohn Wilkes BoothDarren Deon VannGary RidgwayLucrezia BorgiaAdam LanzaRostov RipperRichard BeasleyLisa MontgomeryMiranda BarbourAmy BishopMarie BesnardPatrick Sherrill

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