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Ethical Behavior in Nursing

Watch “Miss Evers’ Boys” -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ymd0P1sCBQANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONSWhy do you think the filmmakers began the movie with the Florence Nightingale pledge?How did Nurse Evers uphold or violate this Using the ANA Code of Ethics, discuss at least 2 sections of the Code and how Nurse Evers acted within or violated those sectionshttps://www.nursingworld.org/practice-policy/nursing-excellence/ethics/code-of-ethics-for-nurses/.What advice would you offer Nurse Evers if she asked how you would have handled her situation?answer with 1-2 pages, use proper apa 7th edition format, must include a reference page

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