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Data Model Assignment HIMA410

InstructionsA data model provides a view of how the data is structured throughout an organization. You’ve been provided with a set of data points from a local hospital.Instructions:Using the data points provided, develop a data model. Your data model should structure the data to support the business practices of a health care organization.The data points should be grouped together under a category heading.Include a written document (1 1/2 -2) pages that describes the data modelEach category should have a title that is descriptive.Develop your data model using the symbols and notations found in entity-relationship diagrams.Data PointsConsumer ID.Last name.First name.Date of birth.Sex or gender.Street address.City.State.Zip code.Telephone number.Social Security number.Type of radiological test.Date ordered.Physician last name.Physician first name.Physician’s specialty.Physician ID.Physician telephone number.Insurance name.Insurance group number.Insurance type.Effective date.Expiration date.Diagnosis.Signs and symptoms.Presenting problem.Time of arrival.Time of discharge.Resources:What is a Data Model?Conceptual Data Modeling ExplainedWhat is a Relational DatabaseDefining the Basics of Health Informatics for HIM ProfessionalsEntity-Relationships

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