Professional Practice PaperBased on the AP role of theperson that you interviewedin W1 Project, in a 3- to 5-page paper (excluding the title page, references, and appendices) describe the role, the type of organization, andaddress all the interview questions, and include:List the type of organization. For example: Primary care office, ED, Specialty, cardiology GI etc.List the type of and how many clients it serves. FP would see all ages. Research in your area the number of visits in a local office per year or # of visits seen local ED, specialty office etc.the professional fit for advanced nursing role. “Fit” refers to the Qualifications in order to be an AP provider at that agency/organization.What license, credentialing (accrediting agency, and other expectations NPI, CMS)?Include a brief job descriptionDiscuss board of nursing NPA or scope of practice of the state. Include what the NPA in the state allows and restrictions.QUESTIONS FROM WEEK 1 PROJECT1. What is the difference between the role you play, and the role played by other nurses?2. How long have you served a family nurse practitioner and what position were you serving before?3. What is the major challenge faced when serving as a family nurse practitioner?4. In which ways do you participate in the patient’s experience?5. How do you handle a situation when a patient request for a certain type of medication such as antibiotics which you feel is not necessary?6. In your line of duty, have you ever experienced a situation or an action happening which was unethical?7. What was the situation and what response did you offer as a solution?8. In a situation where one of your patients is not giving a positive response to the medication you have administered and request for more that the set amount, what do you do to solve this?9. Is there any one given time when you went far above in providing patient care which was exceptional? Explain the scenario and the result?10.  Is there any time in your life when you and the physician disagreed on how to diagnose or treat a given patient? How did you deal with this situation?

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